With over ten years of experience working in both film and digital photography, Carly Webber has developed a signature style that is simple, classic and empowering. Combining her love of storytelling, light and analogue film, Carly's portraits aim to capture the intimate and inspiring stories of wonderfully amazing humans.


I' began my photographer career as a newborn and family photographer, but after a couple of years fell into the pits of depression.

It took two years before I picked up a camera again, purchasing an old 1970's vintage 'beast'.  I began working on a personal series, creating portraits and documenting people who were following their dreams and pursuing greatness. I photographed dancers, athletes, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs; recording pictures and words that told stories of adversity, resilience, determination and 'success'.  It was I joked, my therapy. 

Now I carry that experience (and same camera) in all my work as I seek to create both beautiful and meaningful portraits. Everyone's story is worth documenting and I love that I get to do that in a way that thrills me artistically. For that I am grateful.

Image  Left : by Whisky + the Moon